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Cuppings / Roasting 101


Schedule a cupping for your group to taste, evaluate, and compare the flavor, quality, and potential of our coffee.

Roasters use cuppings to determine which coffees to source, hone our roasting approach to achieve specific roast profiles, ensure consistency and quality, as well as to educate and train.

Cuppings for professional roasters are pretty complex and tend to take on a more scientific laboratory look and feel. In short, they can feel pretty intimidating.

When you buy specialty-grade coffee, you can be sure that what you’re drinking has been cupped many times by just about everyone in the coffee distribution process from farmers to exporters and importers to coffee buyers and roasters.

The cuppings we offer are more relaxed and fun. Attending or hosting a cupping will give you insight into a key step coffee professionals take in the process of bringing your coffee to you, and you’ll learn something about coffee that will (hopefully) make a lasting impression and help you enjoy your brew more fully in the future.

The next time you hear people using specific terms to describe a particular coffee’s notes, it won’t sound like a foreign language.

Roasting 101

Whether you just want to get together with a few friends to roast and enjoy your choice of world-class coffee, or are considering home roasting, this concierge service is designed to elevate your coffee experience.

You’ll get tips on what home roasters work well, where to buy your green beans, why you want to roast by weight, and not volume, and what to do with the chaff after you roast. You’ll learn to gauge how much to roast at a time, how long it will take to roast a batch, and how frequently you should roast to maintain fresh inventory, as well as tips for experimenting with roast levels to achieve different flavor profiles until you find what you love.

This course isn’t just for beginners. Book a Roasting 101 event that everyone can enjoy. Content and duration vary based on your needs.

Cupping / Coffee 101 Event

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