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Thomas & Fisk, Ltd. roasts only 100% organically-grown, fair trade, single origin coffee beans adding nothing but heat and love, and removing only chaff, delivered in 100% sustainable containers, where every purchase benefits the Community Liver Alliance. Love your liver - drink more coffee!

Thomas & Fisk Coffee Roasters

We want to make the world a slightly better place by developing lasting relationships with great people who share a love of coffee. We want to  roast the best coffee beans the world has to offer while being intentional about our impact on our health, our partners, our community, and the environment.

We freely share what we know about coffee roasting and enjoyment with anyone who’s interested, from the curious consumer to food service professionals and to those who want to become roasters themselves. We share the proceeds of every sale with a charity that shares our dedication to promoting liver health – the Community Liver Alliance. Love your liver – drink more coffee!

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Tim has a combined 28 years of service in the military, both on Active Duty and in the Reserve components, including hostile fire and combat deployments as well as numerous other less exciting deployments overseas. It’s possible that his experience with Army coffee was the genesis for this venture, but he says he’d rather not talk about it (apparently, Army coffee triggers him).


We roast well under 50 pounds of coffee beans at any given point in time. We only roast as our customers purchase, so that every batch is tailored to each specific order. We recommend specific roasts for each origin, but if preferred, we roast to your specifications.


Each batch of coffee is meticulously roasted, hand-checked for quality, flavor profile, and consistency.


We don't have a retail space - we come to you; whether you're buying our coffee beans, or hosting a cupping, we're there!

100% OrganicALLY-GROWN, FAIR TRADE, Single Origin

Our commitment is to roast only 100% organically grown, fair trade, single origin coffee beans. All of our beans are also Orthodox Union (OU) Certified Kosher, and where applicable, Rain Forest Alliance (RFA) Certified. We buy only organically grown, ethically sourced green coffee beans.

100% Sustainable Containers

We selected the containers we use just as carefully as we select our coffee beans. Each 6- or 12-ounce brown Kraft bag is 100% compostable. Just be sure to remove the tin tie first!

Benefits CLA

Every purchase benefits the Community Liver Alliance, dedicated to promoting healthy livers – just like coffee does. Love your liver - drink more coffee!
What People Say


“Your beans have been delightful.”
“I used to think I knew what ‘good coffee’ was.”
"The gift pack I purchased was the perfect gift for my husband, and the coffee is delicious!"